Documentation Checklist

The amount of paperwork involved in securing a loan and financing a home can be daunting. Refer to the following lists for a detailed description of the documentation you’ll need throughout the process.

Documents Required from All Loan Applicants

  • Most recent 30-day pay stubs/pension awards letter/social security award letter
  • W2s and/or 1099s for the last two years
  • Complete federal tax returns for the most recent two years (all pages and schedules. Sign page two. No state returns required.)
  • Copies of Extensions (If Applicable)
  • Signed copy of Social Security card/Green card and/or Visa. (front and back – current/not expired)
  • Copy of current driver license(s)
  • Most recent 2 months of checking, savings, and retirement account statements, which must include your name, institution name and account number (all pages of each statement)
  • Source of any deposit over normal direct payroll/pension/social security. Copy of asset statement for the source from which the funds were transferred and/or copy of the documentation showing the source of the deposit
  • Copy of the earnest deposit checks you gave the builder and the bank statements showing these funds clearing your account (once this occurs)
  • Current and previous landlord’s name, address, and phone # (if applicable) covering the most recent 24-month history
  • Most recent mortgage payment statement to verify tax and insurance escrow (if applicable) or most recent copy of your homeowner’s insurance and property tax bills

Documents Required from Self-Employed Buyers

  • Business tax returns for the most recent two years (all pages and schedules. Sign page two) if you own 25% or more interest in the company
  • K1 for the most recent two years
  • If extensions have been filed, copies of extensions and a YTD P&L Balance Sheet signed by a CPA

Documents Required for VA Loans

  • DD-214
  • Certificate of Eligibility
  • Statement of Service
  • Alive and Well Letter
  • Nearest living relative’s name, address, and phone number
  • Letter on any child care expenses signed and dated

Additional Documents Required (If Applicable)

  • Copy of applicable Citizenship Documents
  • Copy of Divorce Decree and Final Judgment (if required by state). All pages, including property settlement agreement and child support orders
  • Separation Agreement (if separating joint assets/liabilities). All pages
  • Copy of bankruptcy papers and discharge (all schedules)
  • Letter of explanation for derogatory accounts, miscellaneous inquiries, name and address checks (supporting documentation if applicable)
  • Foreclosure/Short Sale Documentation
  • Lease agreements, deposit/security check, and appraisal requirements to establish current home equity (rental income is utilized)
  • Current HOA Payment Coupons (if applicable)
  • Copy of SPECIFIC Power of Attorney and/or trust. POA outline to be provided by closing title company, original to be submitted to title prior to closing.