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Take the next step toward homeownership and create an account with K. Hovnanian® American Mortgage, L.L.C.™ . Since K. Hovnanian home buyers are our exclusive clients, we are uniquely positioned to deliver you a more streamlined and efficient financing process than any other lender. We work hand-in-hand with our sales and construction teams to provide you and your family with an unparalleled experience.


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Making the decision to buy rather than rent your home is not as simple as comparing your rent payment to your proposed house payment. Use this calculator to understand the financial benefits of home ownership over renting.

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What to Expect When You Buy

The purchase of your home is likely the single largest financial transaction you will complete in your life. This section provides an overview of what you can expect during the loan process.

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Finance Your Home – Back to Basics

Let our mortgage company President, Christine Tharp, show you why taking a back to basics approach is still the best way to obtain mortgage financing and purchase the home you’ve always wanted.

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